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My Tyler Henry Experience

My Tyler Henery Experience – September 29, 2023 – Austin, Texas Estimated 2000 people in audience – He read maybe 7 people – I WAS 1 OF THOSE 7     ...

My Tyler Henery Experience – September 29, 2023 – Austin, Texas
Estimated 2000 people in audience – He read maybe 7 people – I WAS 1 OF THOSE 7

     Tyler was joking because he had just read several very “buff & muscular men,” when suddenly he has “all these cute little grandmothers surrounding him!”
(((This is when my radar went off, just a little, because who follow me know that I consider myself as a 6th generation medium – due to the fact that I have been able to trace it on my fathers side of the family))))

     Tyler went on to talk about how cute this “little old lady is!” He proceeded to say that she is so excited shouting, “MY GRANDAUGHTERS GONNA WRITE A BOOOOOK!” Then he stopped himself and said “op, I think I may have given it way, I’m not sure if I was supposed to say that” as he proceed to giggle. (((This is when my radar INCREASED – In the beginning of August 2023 I did an almost 2-hour meditation deep in the woods. I come out of this meditation with the message that I need to write a book to help others who are like me and second guess themselves. I privately confided in a few people about this book & the urge I feel to right it – but I have not started because I was second guessing myself!)))))

    At this point, Tyler turned his body facing the direction of the audience that I was sitting in! As he walked forward, he began to get some deep feelings. He muttered the words “very intuitive” “rooted OR deeply rooted” – these were words describing my grandmother (my father’s mom)! He spoke of her spiritual connection! (((this is when I slouched down in my chair and slightly raised my hand – and when my friend Allison was just waving at him to get his attention)))

     Tyler looked at Allison and I, asking me to walk down to the mike “please.” He was very polite! At this point, my mind gets a bit fuzzy so I will try to recall everything as clearly as possible. Talking directly to me at this point, he asked me if I was planning on writing a book. I shook my head yes, not telling him that I wasn’t 100% certain about it – but taking this as confirmation. Knowing that my Granny would happily shout something like that to the world the exact way he relayed the message on stage!

     Tyler then moved forward talking about “something in his hand” and tapping his thumb with his pointer & middle finger together consistently! He asked me what the “tapping was about!” At that moment, I didn’t know! Then he moved forward to say “knots on a rosary!” That’s when my heart hit the floor, silently of course! I’m sure the audience could read my face being plastered on 2 big screens. Tyler asked me if I was tapping my fingers at that moment and I replied “no,” with a little giggle. So, he went back to “this rosary” – he said its in my house, that I need to find it and “pray” or “go through those knots on the rosary consistently!” He stated that my grandmother is pointing out the power behind this sacred item of hers – that this, specifically, is a very powerful tool that I need to hold onto daily and “IT WILL HELP ME WITH MY SKILLS!” (((((what IS NOT SPOKEN ABOUT IN THIS DAY is that in 1983 *a year before I was born* my grandmother started, what they call, a mission in Cankton, Louisiana. The name of this mission is “The Knotted Cord of Love Rosary Mission!” Please note that my grandmother passed in 2009, but I was a part of their gatherings as a child, and I remember the news station there recording their prayers and making of the rosary. Therefore, in the beginning of August 2023 I felt the need to research this! I found that she wrote a book about this mission and how it all come about in 1987. Longer story short, my grandmother and the mission made the Knotted Cord Rosaries day in and day out! The goal was to have a perfect rosary for always having on hand. They created the

Rosaries by tying elaborate knots in a heavy-duty cord. ----------- Y’all at this point of the reading I was in COMPLETE SHOCK)))))

     Then Tyler says, “I am seeing 3 boys!” I clarified to him that I have 3 boys! He looked me in the eye and said, very firmly, “YOU have done an amazing job raising some amazing young men!” Moving forward on how great of a job that I have done! Then he powerfully stated, “you have raised emotionally in tuned boys and the world needs more of that.” ((((((That’s when my heart strings started getting tugged really heard, because what he doesn’t know that I have basically raised my 3 boys BY MY SELF – their father has not been around much at all, physically and financially!)))))))

     Tyler then moved on to focus on my oldest son! He told me that his education is taking a little longer than expected. He stated that my oldest son may have hit a few bumps in the road about his future, which has slowed him down a bit and that he may change his career focus! ((((At that point I confirmed with him that my oldest son is a freshman in college right now & there are a few things going on! --- in reality, he has had some delays in efforts to find himself a bit))))

     At this point, he says, “now, your middle child, he is a little different. He is to himself and a very isolated person!” ((((this is when I started ugly crying because its true))))) Then he went on to say that my middle child gets bullied (((& the ugly tears got worse)))! He explained to me that it takes my middle son a little longer to catch onto things in life – which isn’t easy for him! He explained, “like people need to tell him something over and over again in order for him to fully take it in & he still struggles a bit!” At this point I am basically snotting all over the microphone because I know it’s true. Tyler proceeded to comfort me with, “but everything will be ok, things will just take a little longer for him in life, you are doing a great job mom, remember to give him extra reassurance – things will be ok.” (((((my middle child is currently 18 years old, he was my premature baby with a lot of health issues – he is more of a visual person than verbal person – and as we prep for adult hood its scary for me and emotionally hard – I always wonder if I’m doing the right thing)))))

    Suddenly, the gears switched to my career! He said, “in October you will be taking a business trip!” I giggled and confirmed the trip that I had booked for my Real Estate Convention! He looked at me and stated that I will have some sort of “moment” there. Like an “ah-ha moment” – I cannot remember his exact words, basically I will be made aware of something that will benefit my business.

     As we closed out, he looked deeply at me and told me, “You still have a lot of work to do with other people on this Earth!” While motioning toward his inner self, just as he did when he spoke of my “intuitive grandmother,” he stated, “you are here to help people, give them clarity, heal!” I looked at him and agreed, knowing that I am a medium exactly like he is (minus the scribbling)! ((((I went into that night need some higher level confirmation that I am doing the right thing by spiritually connecting and helping others – I know I have healing hands and I have been questioning if I should move forward with studying that realm of life….. I 100% received my confirmation!))))



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