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**TRIGER WARNING - PRENATAL DEATH**Ok... So... I want to blog on my website, but I am not 100% sure how to do it at this moment. I have this on...


Ok... So... I want to blog on my website, but I am not 100% sure how to do it at this moment. I have this on my mind so i will write it here and transfer it to my website when I figure it out (I'm just really tired rn, lol).
I have always wanted to blog, but my OCD gets in my way & I want everything to be in order - lol - but if i keep pushing it off then i will never start... So, let's start here!
For the first time, in over a decade, I have pulled out some stashed items from my son Jace...... Including my "Jace Journal!" .... I have been feeling HIGHLY DRAWN to tell this specific story, recently - I have been dropping hints on social media and to friends. This specific story is MY PREDICTION of MY SONS death in my womb. At the time, I didn't know it was a prediction, on that day... i thought it was just a bad dream... This dream i wrote down for the WORLD TO SEE & was kind of bashed about it. I was called an attention seeker, drama queen.... etc... THIS written dream, right here on this old, tarnished paper is something that come to me when least expected... THIS IS a MAJOR part of my Psychic journey; that has been sitting in a box in my closet for a very long time. Being that his anniversy his coming up - I really wanted to share this specific story on my blog ... on August 28th... so it has been on my mind... Every year by August, Jace is on my mind! As I sit in meditation and think of my next steps - it come to me - a book! I think it's time for me to write a book about this experience, rather than tell it over and over and over again. THIS experience COULD help many people like me... Psychics, Mediums, Dreamers - simply trying to understand their way through this journey.
So, here is to my new journey - i will follow through with it with hope and belief as i move forward on my spiritual journey .. this book (that will be in the making) can/will help others to understand their feelings, dreams & intuitions.
THIS holds much emotion for me - the story is DEEP and a huge part of my life that I am almost scared to share with the world... but my guides are showing me what i need to do ... and i know, in the end .. that when this book is fully complete, it will give a huge piece of me huge relief... BECAUSE it's written & always there... its not a memory that i MUST hold on too with alllll the 5 million other things that constantly go on in my head... I can fully let go & release... because it will "now" always be at my fingertips in my book ❤


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