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Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) ANGELIC HEALING

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Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is a gentle and powerful healing that works with the energy of the Angels.  This form of energy healing is intended to get the 'issues out of the tissues' for good!  IET is a safe, gentle, and nurturing way to release patterns of the past and help you empower your life.

    We are all energy and as we journey through our lives, the flow of energy can become restricted or limited. Imagine energy pathways being like riverbeds that become choked by a beaver dam. The dam does not stop the flow, but rather, it limits the flow and creates an area of energy stagnation. These restrictions in the body that create energy stagnation are called energy blockages.  Some causes of energy blockages are: stress, overwhelm, fear, emotional crisis, disease, suppressed feelings, self-limiting thoughts, exhaustion, and karma. Energy blockages can limit our life experience, preventing us from living the life we truly desire.  Guided by Angels, I can clear out these blockages so you can be more aligned to your full potential, and live more healthy, joyful, and abundant lives.

    My goal is to suppress your limiting feelings and clear any associated energy blocks. These feelings consist of the following: Guilt, distrust, shame, threat, “should,” heartache, resentment, anger, stress & powerlessness, and fear. I use the palms of my hands, through designated hand placements on your body, by applying light pressure, to pull forward any blockage for immediate clearing. Upon clearing your energy field, I will then implement positive energy such as: Innocence, trust, spiritual pride, support, freedom, love, forgiveness, ease & safety. 

 Performed in person or from a distance, IET cannot be used to diagnose, treat or heal disease. Furthermore, IET is not intended to replace traditional medical approaches.



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Stephanie Gilbert
Definitely worth it

I have never had IET done before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I had a heaviness in my chest and throat at one point during the healing. I was able to relax and let Vic do her angelic healing. I walked out of there with a pep in my step and feeling lighter. I definitely recommend her and I am already looking forward to my next one. ☺️

Ione Barrera
Very much needed

The energy therapy was an amazing experience. As she’s speaking and explaining the process you can feel a shift at every area that she is focusing on. Times felt like an emotional rush over what is being said and then it releases once she recharges you with the correct energy. Tension left as she pointed out what she was removing and allowed you to acknowledge what she may be referring to in order to allow the energy to be released. The next day was the most refreshed day I had ever had and that’s hasn’t been that way in about a year.
I highly recommend this therapy if you feel like your energy needs to be shifted to allow for freedom in daily activities.
The more you are in tune with yourself the more you are able to experience this beautiful journey with Victoria.
I feel way less stressed, I feel confident in my day, and my shoulders don’t feel heavy.

Beautiful Healing Energy Session!!

My session with Victoria was very beautiful and healing. It was my first time having any energy work done, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was very surprised but excited to feel energy moving! By that I mean, I felt my body twitching or my muscles involuntarily. At other times a sort of releasing and calming effect where a relief would come over me and I felt very safe. She prays over you and you can tell she is very connected and in tune. I am amazed at how my energetic body responded to her healing hands. Again, this was my first time, and I’ll have to admit I was somewhat of a skeptic about energy work in general but very happy to find that it was exactly what I needed, as this week has been especially tough on me. She was able to pin point stagnant energy and call it exactly what it was. It was very relaxing that I almost fell asleep! It was also a huge emotional release, and the session did bring me to tears.

Thank you, Victoria for taking on this healing work! You are very gifted, and I am so grateful to know you! I have felt just lighter and less bothered all day afterwards. I am excited to see how this angelic healing manifests throughout my day to day life, as it felt very cathartic and transformative.

Nina Foltz
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I don’t know how to explain what’s happening, but I feel like I'm in a completely different zone now. Living with organic anxiety has been a constant struggle, and I used to think it would never go away. However, something has shifted, and my attitude has been remarkably different. I can't thank you enough for the positive change I'm experiencing.

Now, I'm focusing on growing my confidence even more. It's a journey, especially considering how deeply I've felt damaged in the past. There were times when I never thought I'd feel "normal" again. But with the support and guidance I've received, I'm beginning to see that possibility. Thank you so much for helping me on this path to healing and self-discovery.

Channeled Tarot Reading

       A channeled tarot card reading is a form of divination in which I tap into my intuitive psychic abilities, and/or a higher spiritual source to provide insights and guidance using tarot cards. Unlike traditional tarot readings that rely solely on the symbolism and interpretation of the cards, a channeled reading involves a deeper level of connection with spiritual energies or entities.

     In a channeled tarot card reading, I may enter a meditative or altered state of consciousness to establish a connection with my intuition or with spiritual guides, such as angels, spirit animals, or deceased loved ones. I will then draw and interpret tarot cards and allow these intuitive or spiritual influences to guide my interpretation.

     The goal of a channeled tarot card reading is to provide more profound and personalized insights than a standard tarot reading by incorporating the reader's psychic or intuitive abilities. This can result in a reading that feels more spiritual, intuitive, and focused on my client's unique energy and circumstances. It's important to note that not all tarot card readers offer channeled readings, and the experience can vary widely depending on the reader's abilities and methods.

Family History

🌟 Blessed with the Gift of Healing 🌟

In the tapestry of my family's history, I stand as a fortunate bearer of a remarkable legacy. My legacy is that of the "Traiteurs," the "Treaters" of old Louisiana—a cherished tradition passed down from elder to youth, generation after generation. Our ancestral gift lies in the art of healing, where the touch of our hands carries the power to mend. Through extensive family research, I've traced our lineage back through five extraordinary generations of what I affectionately refer to as "the gifted." This is a story of healing, of hands that hold the power to restore and transform lives. 🌿🙌

My Grandmother
Born June 24, 1939
Death Sept. 4, 2009
Genevieve Huckaby Breaux
She was known from across the United States for her power connection with "the other side!" People would travel great distances, to simply have her "heal" or "treat" them! They would travel to pray with her & witness her "weeping Jesus" photo! It was truly pronominal to be a part of this - as a young child, it was a bit scary and hard to understand as well.

My Great Grandmother
Born July 18, 1908
Death June 10, 1981
Helen Duplechain Huckay
She had the healing hands, specifically, for bleeding! Although I was never able to meet her in the physical life, I have learned so much about her! She saved many lives, including my fathers. When he was a young boy, he jumped a barbwire fence, cutting a main artery on his leg. According to my Aunt - there was no time to get my father to a hospital! My Great Grandmother, instead, took him into the bathroom & started her work. No one was supposed to be around, but my Aunt was peeking around the corner, she said every time my fathers heart would beat, blood would fly out his leg... Until it completely & suddenly stopped! To this day she cannot believe her eyes! I have heard stories about my Great Grandmother saving my Great Aunts life! Also, a cow that was bleeding out - this was, at the time, the families only food source! She saved it!

My Great Great Grandmother
Born Feb. 14, 1908
Death Sept 1, 1965
Andrea Babineaux Duplechin, 
She was highly known for her healing powers. People from all around Louisiana would go to her, prior to todays medicine, for predictions & healing. Through much spiritual guidance I am 100% certain that SHE is my "main supporting Grandmother!" I am certain that SHE gifted me her "gifts" upon birth! While i have a good connection with "all my grandmothers," I am deeply connected with Andrea! We even share the exact same eyes! It's pretty cool!






My Great Great Great Grandmother
Born Jan. 20,1864
Death March 30, 1952
Eve Helene Arceneaux Babineaux 

She was known, to my knowledge, as a "Medicine Woman" which is pretty equivalent to the "Traiteur" aspect. From what I have learned, prior to modern medicine, she was famous for healing. If someone was sick, they would travel to her - she would use herbal/natural remedies (along with belief and prayer) to heal the sick!


 🌟 A Family Bond, A Gift United 🌟

In the depths of my family tree, a profound connection pulses through our shared bloodline. Many of my beloved kin share an unwavering strength—a divine calling to serve and uplift through the boundless power that resides within. To be chosen as one among them is an honor beyond words, a sacred inheritance that I carry with immense pride. Together, we harness the greater power to illuminate the paths of others, making the world a brighter place. 🌠💪

Magical spell Jars

🌟 Introducing Magical Spell Jars: Your Path to Manifestation and Transformation! 🌟

🔮 Dive into the Mystical World of Spell Jars 🔮

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of ancient magic and tap into the extraordinary power of intention? Look no further! Our spell jars are meticulously crafted with the utmost care and precision to make your dreams and desires a reality.

🪄 What Are Spell Jars? 🪄 Our spell jars are exquisite glass containers infused with centuries-old wisdom and mystical energy. They are your personal conduits to manifesting intentions and desires beyond your wildest dreams. Crafted by a dedicated practitioner, each jar is a masterpiece of symbolism and power.

💫 The Art of Crafting 💫 When creating our spell jars, we embark on a journey of intention, carefully selecting every ingredient to align with your desires. Expect a harmonious blend of herbs, crystals, oils, written intentions, charms, and more—all carefully chosen to amplify your spell's purpose.

🌿 Herbs for Every Purpose 🌿 Whether it's lavender for relaxation or rosemary for clarity, our herbs are handpicked for their potent properties, ensuring your spell's success.

💎 Crystal Magic 💎 Harness the metaphysical powers of crystals like amethyst for spiritual growth or Green Aventurine for abundance, expertly chosen to accelerate your journey towards your goals.

✨ Enchanted Elixirs ✨ We anoint each jar with oils and liquids, infusing them with energy, making them a beacon for your desires.

🌙 Activation and Charging 🌙 Our spell jars are brought to life through various activation methods. Visualization, meditation, moonlight, or sunlight—each jar is imbued with the energy you seek.

💌 The Power of a Written Petition 💌 We include a personalized written petition in every spell jar to intensify its intent and energy, ensuring your desires are heard by the universe.

🪄 Your Magical Connection 🪄 Once charged, your spell jar is ready to join your sacred space, altar, or special location. Interact with it regularly, reinforce its energy, and maintain your connection to the desired outcome.

🌟 Unleash Your Desires with Spell Jars 🌟

These mystical treasures are not just decorations; they are catalysts for change. Spell jars are potent tools for manifestation, protection, healing, and so much more. Elevate your spiritual journey and watch your dreams become reality with our magical spell jars.

🌌 Don't just dream it—manifest it! 🌌

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Mediumship Services

Mediums serve as conduits with the afterlife, using my intuitive abilities to facilitate communication and bring comfort, closure, or spiritual guidance to individuals seeking connection with loved ones who have passed on. In this transformative process, it is essential to maintain an open-minded perspective, as my channel may receive messages from spirits beyond the specific person you are seeking to reach. Embracing this journey with an open heart is crucial as we work together to assemble the pieces of the spiritual puzzle.

I refer to this process as an 80% to 20% likelihood, where 80% of the time, I will convey messages that you can readily comprehend. However, in 20% of cases, the messages may require some additional contemplation and research on your part following the reading. It is not uncommon for me to receive messages intended for living individuals who are a part of your life, and these messages can offer valuable insights and guidance.

This type of reading can be conducted over the phone, via Zoom conference, or in person. While a photo of your passed loved one is suggested for better connection, it is not required.