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Channeled Tarot Reading With Spirit


       A channeled tarot card reading is a form of divination in which I tap into my intuitive psychic abilities, and/or a higher spiritual source to provide insights and guidance using tarot cards. Unlike traditional tarot readings that rely solely on the symbolism and interpretation of the cards, a channeled reading involves a deeper level of connection with spiritual energies or entities.

     In a channeled tarot card reading, I may enter a meditative or altered state of consciousness to establish a connection with my intuition or with spiritual guides, such as angels, spirit animals, or deceased loved ones. I will then draw and interpret tarot cards and allow these intuitive or spiritual influences to guide my interpretation.

     The goal of a channeled tarot card reading is to provide more profound and personalized insights than a standard tarot reading by incorporating the reader's psychic or intuitive abilities. This can result in a reading that feels more spiritual, intuitive, and focused on my client's unique energy and circumstances. It's important to note that not all tarot card readers offer channeled readings, and the experience can vary widely depending on the reader's abilities and methods.

Honoring All My Grandmothers

🌟 Blessed with the Gift of Healing 🌟

In the tapestry of my family's history, I stand as a fortunate bearer of a remarkable legacy. My legacy is that of the "Traiteurs," the "Treaters" of old Louisiana—a cherished tradition passed down from elder to youth, generation after generation. Our ancestral gift lies in the art of healing, where the touch of our hands carries the power to mend. Through extensive family research, I've traced our lineage back through five extraordinary generations of what I affectionately refer to as "the gifted." This is a story of healing, of hands that hold the power to restore and transform lives. 🌿🙌

My Grandmother
Born June 24, 1939
Death Sept. 4, 2009
Genevieve Huckaby Breaux
She was known from across the United States for her power connection with "the other side!" People would travel great distances, to simply have her "heal" or "treat" them! They would travel to pray with her & witness her "weeping Jesus" photo! It was truly pronominal to be a part of this - as a young child, it was a bit scary and hard to understand as well.

My Great Grandmother
Born July 18, 1908
Death June 10, 1981
Helen Duplechain Huckay
She had the healing hands, specifically, for bleeding! Although I was never able to meet her in the physical life, I have learned so much about her! She saved many lives, including my fathers. When he was a young boy, he jumped a barbwire fence, cutting a main artery on his leg. According to my Aunt - there was no time to get my father to a hospital! My Great Grandmother, instead, took him into the bathroom & started her work. No one was supposed to be around, but my Aunt was peeking around the corner, she said every time my fathers heart would beat, blood would fly out his leg... Until it completely & suddenly stopped! To this day she cannot believe her eyes! I have heard stories about my Great Grandmother saving my Great Aunts life! Also, a cow that was bleeding out - this was, at the time, the families only food source! She saved it!

My Great Great Grandmother
Born Feb. 14, 1908
Death Sept 1, 1965
Andrea Babineaux Duplechin, 
She was highly known for her healing powers. People from all around Louisiana would go to her, prior to todays medicine, for predictions & healing. Through much spiritual guidance I am 100% certain that SHE is my "main supporting Grandmother!" I am certain that SHE gifted me her "gifts" upon birth! While i have a good connection with "all my grandmothers," I am deeply connected with Andrea! We even share the exact same eyes! It's pretty cool!






My Great Great Great Grandmother
Born Jan. 20,1864
Death March 30, 1952
Eve Helene Arceneaux Babineaux 

She was known, to my knowledge, as a "Medicine Woman" which is pretty equivalent to the "Traiteur" aspect. From what I have learned, prior to modern medicine, she was famous for healing. If someone was sick, they would travel to her - she would use herbal/natural remedies (along with belief and prayer) to heal the sick!


 🌟 A Family Bond, A Gift United 🌟

In the depths of my family tree, a profound connection pulses through our shared bloodline. Many of my beloved kin share an unwavering strength—a divine calling to serve and uplift through the boundless power that resides within. To be chosen as one among them is an honor beyond words, a sacred inheritance that I carry with immense pride. Together, we harness the greater power to illuminate the paths of others, making the world a brighter place. 🌠💪


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